Shipped directly from Plant Paradise

Our Plant Production Units create the perfect environment for growing the freshest products anywhere in the world

Fresh products grown 365 days

a year

Our Plant Production Units (PPUs) enable optimal use of space. For example, we have transformed a former battery factory in the heart of Indianapolis into a Plant Paradise, so that we can now grow fresh fruit and vegetables close to the consumer.

Our team grows your fresh products in the heart of Indianapolis

It is fantastic that we can get the best out of every plant through indoor farming using a sustainable cultivation process without using pesticides and other chemicals.

We cultivate products that are good for people and the environment

Plant Paradise contributes to a better world by using 95% less water and emitting 80% less CO2 than traditional cultivation methods.

Packed immediately after harvest

We produce and distribute our products locally and control the entire process from seed to harvest. Using this method, we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and you get the freshest products.

Shipped directly from Plant Paradise

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